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Odyssey Submarine Bali

Once the private realm of divers and scientists such as Jacques Cousteau, the excotic undersea world can now be experienced by people of all ages and physical condition, in a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

By appealing to everyone from professional scuba divers to the most timid non-swimmers, this Sightseeing Submarine excursions will attract passengers from all walks of life.
Battery-powered so as to pose no threat to the fragile marine environment, this undersea excursion craft can carry 36 passangers in air-conditioned comfort to depths as great as 150 feet. You will be able to look out and see the fantasy of rarely visited reefs and wide variety coloured marine creatures in our famous Bali dive site.
Safety is assured in this highly sophisticated vessel, your voyage to the bottom of the sea will be smooth and effortless, as your pilot and co-pilot guide you on an adventure that will stay with you forever.


  • Your Departure is at Amuk Bay
  • Transfer into the submarine
  • Have your picture taken on the submarine deck
  • You will dive and enjoy the beauty of coral reef, fish, and the fish feeding attraction for about 45 minutes
  • Back to the surface and ride transfer boat to Wantilan

5 methods of surfacing:
a)    positive buoyancy
b)    high pressure air to soft tanks
c)    high pressure air to hard tanks
d)    vertical thruster
e)    keel drop weight

Length Overall: 56 ft
Width: 13.25 ft
Height: 17.75
Displacement: 160.000 lbs
Operating Depth: 150 ft
Cabin Pressure: Normal Atmosphere / Air Conditioned
Passenger Capacity: 36
Crew: 3
Viewports: 18 x 21.5″ side , 1 x 50″ front
Propulsion: DC battery powered electric thrusters
Speed: 1/2 to 1 knot, submerged


Adult: US$ 85
Child: US$ 60.00 (*under 12 yo)


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